• How To Easily Get Starcoins In MovieStarPlanet Game

    StarCoins is the main motto in MovieStarPlanet and you will need a lot of things if you want to see the best clothes. StarCoins also allows you to buy new entries and cartoons that, in turn, can earn more StarCoins. It may be worth buying a StarCoins VIP membership, but you can win at no extra cost. Here is msp hack to help you get more resources for the game.


    Get your daily bonus


    1. Log in at least once a day. The first time you join each day, you will create a bonus round. Even if you do not play long, try to connect at least a minute to spin the wheel.


    1. Click on the silver circle to rotate it. Free players spin the money circle once a day. If you have a VIP membership, you can rotate the golden circle and earn even more StarCoins. VIP members can also rotate more than once a day.


    1. Collect all earned StarCoins. When the wheel stops scratching, your StarCoins arrive. Move your mouse over each one to retrieve it.


    1. Decide if you want to use Diamond again. You can jump the diamond to spin the wheel again. Instead, you may want to save your diamonds for other purchases because you will not be able to get a lot of StarCoins from your back.


    Finish the task


    1. Click on the “Activity” button and select “Career”. You can find it at the top of the screen. Your active quest will be displayed with potential rewards at the top.


    1. Click “Start” to launch the proposed quest. After completing the described task, you will earn StarCoins.


    1. Complete the task. During your game time, you will have different tasks. If you forget your tasks, click on the “Activity” button at the top of the screen and select “Careers”.

    It’s interesting to watch movies, play games, fill out your profile and more.


    1. Click “Ask” to receive the StarCoins bonus. You will see this button in the window that will appear when you have completed the task. The StarCoins you have earned will stay in the room where you are.


    1. Hover your mouse over StarCoin. He will collect your reward and add it to you all.


    1. Start your next quest. Tasks are always available in the Career section of the Activities menu. Click “Start” to begin each new quest and make sure to claim your rewards when you are done.


    To play games


    1. Open the game section of MSP game. You will find the game button in the MovieStarPlanet main menu. This will open a list of available games that you can play. Sweepstakes gives you a StarCoin reward. Playing games also gives you a price of glory, depending on how you put yourself.


    1. Select a game to play. There are several games to choose from. All games are played against other MSP players. You can choose between dressing, crazy cards, quizzes and casting. Arcade games do not win your StarCoins like MSP games.


    1. Try to customize the theme in Dress Up. At each turn of play, a player judges the others how they exactly match the given subject. Use your creativity to try to match the theme with your wardrobe options.


    1. Choose the best answer in Crazy Cards. In this game, each player chooses an answer that best suits the question of a card hand. Try to give humorous answers as they are more likely to be selected by the judge.


    1. Choose the correct answer from several options in the questionnaire. Quiz is a simple quiz game. You get three options for each question. The first player to receive the predefined number of correct answers wins. You can finally see the duplicates, so play a lot and you will quickly know all the answers.
    2. Repeat the correct movement in casting. In this game, you have to repeat the train shown. The player who corrects the most times wins first.


    1. Turn the wheel after winning. You will see the same bike you receive when you log in the first time per day. Click on it to activate and receive your StarCoin prize. VIP members can turn both the gold wheel and the silver wheel.


    Love pets


    1. Click Animals as you appear. If you see an animal, click on it and 1-5 StarCoins will appear, depending on the level of the animal. You will often see people with animals playing games or visiting rooms.


    1. Click the “Top Scores” button at the top of the screen. The fastest way to find animals is to visit the rooms of the best players in the game. These players often have a lot of pets, so you can quickly win a lot of StarCoins. The high score screen is the best way to find the rooms for the best players.


    1. Click the Pet tab. This tab displays the best animals in the game. Their owners are the best stars to visit because they often have many pets.


    1. Click on the owner’s name next to a high-ranking pet. This opens a profile window for this star.


    1. Click the “Visit Room” button. It looks like a house and is on the left side of the profile window.


    1. Find animals to love. Switch between the different rooms using the buttons at the top of the screen. Many of the Animals tab players have tons of animals to love.

    High-level pets will give you 5 StarCoins, making it a worthwhile investment.


    To watch movies


    1. Open the MovieTown section of the main menu. This option is displayed in the city preview screen. Watching movies made by other MSP players can earn you StarCoins.


    1. Click on the “Movies” option. This displays a list of the most recent movies.


    1. Find a movie to watch. If you just want to earn StarCoins, you can simply start at the top of the list and make your way.


    1. Watch the entire movie. You must watch the entire movie before you can rate it and earn StarCoins. Most movies last less than a minute.


    1. Write a note to the movie. Choose between 1 and 5 stars. Give an honest note to the movie because you get the same number of StarCoins, no matter what rating you give.


    1. Collect your StarCoins. After sending a note, you will be rewarded with fame and 10 StarCoins. You still get the same number of StarCoins to watch and rate movies.


    1. Watch movies to earn more StarCoins. The number of movies you can watch is unlimited and you still get 10 StarCoins. You will not earn coins to watch the same movie again and again.



    Make movies


    1. Open the MovieTown section of the MovieStarPlanet Main Menu. Making movies in MSP is one of the best ways to earn StarCoins, especially if you make a popular movie. Movies with a few hundred views can earn thousands of StarCoins.


    1. Click on the “Movies” option. This displays the list of the best movies created by other players.


    1. Click the “Create a new movie” button. This is next to the Friends tab at the top of the Movies window. By clicking on the button, you open the Movie Maker.


    1. Familiarize yourself with the interface. The options may be a bit overwhelming at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to create new images in no time.

    The scene is loaded with the default school background and your star on the left.

    The menu that appears when you click on your star allows you to create a dialog box, perform an animation, and select an expression.

    With the film strip below you can select your current picture. Each scene in your movie consists of several pictures. The Play button lets you preview your movie.

    Use the buttons next to the filmstrip to add actors to your friends list, add accessories, add more scenes, change the background of the scene, and select the music.


    1. Create your first picture. Set up the scene to your liking and give your star an animation or a dialogue with the bubble. Each picture takes a few seconds.

    You can add rewards purchased in the game as rewards by clicking the “Add or remove items from scene” button.

    When you select an animation, you have the choice between basic options. You can buy more by clicking on the “+” and buying with StarCoins.


    1. Select the next image in the filmstrip. All your actors and accessories stay in one place.


    1. Drag your star to where it should move between the images. Drag your star to move it to the new position between the images.

    If you want your star to “run” instead of just dragging to the new location, choose a running animation. On the second page of the Basic tab, you will find a walking and walking animation when you select an animation.


    1. Add a friend to your movie. Click the Add or Remove Actor on Stage button to add more actors. You can choose from the people on your friends list or from the predefined extras. It’s a good idea to involve as many friends as possible when you try to win StarCoins, as they will probably see it more often when they are there.


    1. Create your movie by creating each image. Add more pictures until you are satisfied with your scene. You can combine multiple scenes to allow background changes.


    1. Click the “Save” button when you have finished your movie. You will be asked to name the movie and select the privacy options. Make sure you give the movie a catchy name for others to see. Also, make sure it is set to Public so other players can find and view it.


    1. Share your movie with others. On the “Details” page of your movie, click the “Email” button to send a link to the movie to everyone. The recipient needs an MSP account to watch the movie. Use the e-mail feature to allow as many people as possible to see the movie.


    1. Wait for others to see your movie. As you get more views for your movie, you’ll earn more StarCoins. You’ll only get a few at the beginning, but if your movie gets popular, you’ll soon have plenty of it.


    Use a second account


    1. Log out of MovieStarPlanet. You can use multiple accounts to rate your own movies, improve your opinion, and earn more StarCoins. First, you must log out of your usual account. Click the “Sign out” button in the upper right corner and confirm that you want to sign out.


    1. Click the “Play Now” button to create a new account. This starts the process of creating the new account.


    1. Click the Random Girl or Random Boy button. Since you only use this account to rate the films of your other account, you do not have to worry about the appearance.


    1. Create a username and password. Do not worry too much about what your name sounds like. Just create something quickly and write it down so you can remember it later.


    1. Add your original account as a friend as soon as you are logged in. Click the “Friends” button and search for the name of your original account. Click the “Add friend” button to send a friend request to your original account.


    1. Open the profile of your original account to find your movies. You will see the movies you have shown on the far right of your profile.


    1. Watch your own movies and rate them. Do the same as if you were watching someone else’s movie and watching it completely. Once it’s over, give him a note.


    1. Create new accounts if you have the time and patience. You can still create new accounts and watch your earned films to increase your ratings. This will increase the likelihood that other real people will watch your movie and earn more StarCoins.


    Invite your friends


    1. Click the Friends button at the top of the screen. This opens the Friends menu.


    1. Click the Invite Friends and Get StarCoins button. A new window appears where you can enter an e-mail address.


    1. Enter your friend’s e-mail address. This will send you an invitation to try the game.


    1. Help your friend reach level 6. Take your friend through the early stages of the game and help him increase his fame until he reaches level 6.


    Claim your reward. When your friend reaches level 6, you will receive a notification and claim your 200 StarCoins Reward.


    1. Invite as many friends as possible. Send invitations to anyone interested, but do not give them too many invitations.

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