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WIN ONE *MILLION* FREE STARCOINS ON MSP?!! (MovieStarPlanet Competition!) #2

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video!!
More information below:

So just in case anyone didn’t know, this video is actually part 2 to a different video I did months ago, ‘the million starcoins competition’! I didn’t really know if I was going to make a part 2, but I kind of wanted to try and make this into a series so I thought I’d make a second part! 🙂 I made this like an actual game show, competition, tv show-like thing, but it isn’t actually real! (In case anyone was confused.) None of the ‘contestants’ were actually there saying those things, I just used popular msp players to create some teams and stuff :p But the middle part where Pixi went into chatrooms, I actually just went into chatrooms myself and said similar things to what Pixi was saying, only in a nicer way. I basically just asked people what they thought of Pixi, all their reactions were real though haha 🙂 I know a lot of people probably didn’t watch through the entire video, but at the end I asked for people to vote on their favourite compliments, I’ll use the results in my next episode if I end up making one, and implement it into the series! This may fail massively though, so I’m not too sure how this’ll work but hopefully it works out!!11 Thank you for watching/reading, you can vote using the link down below or in the link in the pinned comment! 🙂

THE POLL: https://www.strawpoll.me/15939182/r

Just to clarify, these are the compliments the teams submitted:

Team FunAndHappiness: “You’re so funny, talking to you brings me so much happiness!”
Team Holly: “Your blog is my favourite source of entertainment! Your posts are so well written, you should become a writer!”
Filly’s Friends: “Your outfit is really creepy, please don’t hack me!”
Team MovieMegastars: “Your look is so iconic, you’re such a megastar.”
Team Pixi: ‘She looks like a skateboarder.”

By the way *cough* in case anyone is confused, these compliments/teams aren’t real, this is all just a story and no one else but me actually participated! (Apart from Pixi’s compliments, which were actually recorded in msp chatrooms.) 🙂

Other social medias:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jemmass_hole/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jemmass_Hole
Eggwiena: https://twitter.com/Eggwienaa

Other channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqOC98F2Tf0rbNQ9dLJtEoQ
(I don’t really use it that much right now, but I might start using it soon!)

Moviestarplanet- http://moviestarplanet.co.uk/
UK accounts:

Main: ‘Jemmmass’


‘Jamus Hoie’
‘Eggwienaa’ (Eggwiena’s account)
‘Jemmass HoIeia’
(In all lower case my username is: ‘jemmass hoieia’. The ‘I’ in ‘HoIeia’ is actually just a capital ‘I’) (If it’s a bit confusing, just copy and paste my username and it’ll show up!)

American account: (Moviestarplanet.com)

‘Jemmass HoIe’
The ‘I’ in ‘HoIe’ is actually a capital ‘i’ so in all lowercase it’s: ‘jemmass hoie’. (If it’s a bit confusing, just copy and paste my username and it’ll show up!)

Canada account: Moviestarplanet.ca

Irish account:

Polish account:
‘Jamus Hole’

If you want me to make an account on a different server, be sure to let me know what ones in the comments! These are my only accounts, however I really only go on my UK main ‘Jemmmass’ and sometimes my US account. Thanks for watching/reading!! 🙂

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